Come Along for the Ride

By | January 4, 2010

Talking to so many great insurance professionals from around the country on how to get more young people involved in our industry Insurance Journal and I decided to get together and start a blog concentrating on issues, questions, concerns that would be interesting to young insurance professionals and those looking to recruit them, train them and understand them better.

Generation X and Generation Y – those young professionals between the ages of 42 and 22 are basically no different than anyone else in the insurance industry when you really sit down and talk with them. They have goals, they have passions and they have desires. Some have families, some have a college degree, some a high school degree. There are men and women who are looking to make a living in our industry, but they aren’t sure just where they fit in.

What does make especially the Generation Y folks different is that they are going to be quick to move from one position to another. And this is where our understanding as an industry comes in. The insurance industry is tailor made for Gen Y. With career advancement at every turn, opportunities for education, designations and projects, whether team or individual – these are all things that your average Gen Y’er will love and embrace! But beware, the average Gen Y’er will not want to step foot into an office that is boggled down with paper. So unless you are looking to give that young adult the opportunity to move your office to a paperless society (which is really where many of us are or are looking to go) think of hiring someone else.

This blog will look at issues important to Gen Y as well as other generations – it is for everyone. We are going to answer their questions, your questions, have guest bloggers from around the country and just pick the brains of some of the industry’s young insurance professionals.

The future of our industry is going on all around us. If we just stop for a moment and listen – or in this case read – you can come along for the ride.

Join me next time as we take a ride to talk about Generation Y and loyalty. Yes, they are loyal, and on our ride we will take a look at everything from a JD Powers study to other information to show how to tap into this generations’ loyalty!

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