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Flooding Damages Bridge on Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway, Blocking Traffic

Jul 23 2021 // MOSCOW – Flooding has damaged a bridge on Russia’s Trans-Siberian railway in its Far East, suspending traffic in the area, officials said on Friday, and President Vladimir Putin said full track repair would take...

U.S. Fights Cyber Attacks by Blacklisting, Sanctioning Russian Tech Firms

Jul 19 2021 // The United States on Friday took a new stab at Russia’s cybersecurity industry, restricting trade with four information technology firms and two other entities over “aggressive and harmful” activities...

How Russian Military Uses ‘Brute Force’ to Hack U.S. Government, Companies

Jul 8 2021 // U.S. and British agencies disclosed last week details of “brute force” methods they say have been used by Russian intelligence to try to break into the cloud services of hundreds of government agencies, energy...

Russia Fights Wildfires in Siberia and the Far East

Jun 15 2021 // Russian emergency workers fought wildfires burning Sunday on more than 550 square kilometers (212 square miles) of territory mostly in Siberia and the Far East. The state agency responsible for fighting forest fires,...

Russia-Linked Hacking Group Is Behind JBS Cyber Attack: Sources

Jun 2 2021 // A notorious Russia-linked hacking group is behind the cyber attack against JBS SA, according to four people familiar with the assault who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The cyber gang goes by the name...

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