Delaware House Committee Approves “No Pay, No Play” Bill

May 19, 2000

The Delaware House Committee on Public Safety approved a bill yesterday to help reduce the number of uninsured drivers in the state. House Bill 568 provides drivers with incentive to purchase insurance by prohibiting uninsured drivers from collecting non-economic damages if they are in an accident with an insured driver.

The legislation, called “No Pay, No Play,” will now be sent to the House floor for a vote. Under the bill, an uninsured driver waives his or her ability to sue for pain and suffering damages, however the driver will still be reimbursed for their actual expenses, such as medical care, lost wages and vehicle repair.

This law would not apply to an uninsured driver whose injuries were caused by a driver who is convicted of a drug or alcohol-related offense or vehicular assault or homicide. In addition, it would not apply to passengers in the uninsured diver’s vehicle.

Similar laws have been enacted in California and Louisiana and several states, including Texas, have voted on No Pay, No Play measures.

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