Emergency Adjusters Permits On-line in New York

June 15, 2001

The New York Department of Insurance has unveiled a new electronic initiative to give the state’s insurers the ability to finish applications for temporary adjusters permits on-line, when coping with an emergency or disaster.

The new program will provide insurance company adjusters quicker access to disaster sites in order to speed the processing of claims payments to disaster victims.

Making licensing available on-line gives insurers a way to complete the NYDI’s application for temporary adjusters permits, and e-mail them directly for approval. The next step is a review of the application, and advice of acceptance or denial by return e-mail. If it’s approved, the the permit is simply printed out from the computer.

To assure the availability of more adjusters when they’re needed at disaster sites, insurance companies must first complete the forms required by the NYDI, and receive prior approval before implementing the electronic system.

Electronic access to the special temporary adjuster permit will enable adjusters to have faster access to devastated areas where they can assess the extent of the destruction and offer needed guidance for the commitment and deployment of public and private assistance.

The permits will be recognized by law enforcement and emergency personnel, giving adjusters access to sites from which they would otherwise be barred

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