Senator Clinton Calls for Victims Fund Rule Changes

January 14, 2002

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) called for changes in the proposed rules governing the Victims Compensation Fund established by the federal government to help victims and families affected by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

By adding her influence to the demands from victims’ families (See IJ Website Jan. 7) , Sen. Clinton hopes that the office of Kenneth Feinberg, who was appointed to administer the fund, will amend certain rules, which many find unfair. She urged the adoption of open guidelines for recovery and less stringent deduction mandates than those now proposed before the rules take effect on January 22.

Sen. Clinton singled out one provision – a requirement that any claimant for injuries must have sought medical treatment before noon on Sept. 12 – as being particularly unfair in light of the confusion which affected many hospitals and medical care facilities in New York City after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

She also urged that rules which deduct compensation from insurance policies and pension funds be from any eventual recovery, should be made before compensating victims and their families for pain and suffering.

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