Unprecedented Response to PIA Market Survey

June 4, 2002

The response to the Hard Market Survey conducted by the Professional Insurance Agents Association of Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York (See IJ Website May 1) has received “the highest rate of response” of any survey they have ever conducted together.

The PIA said that “nearly 800 independent agents” participated in the survey, which ended May 24. Agents were asked to rate the “hardness” of the insurance market and to evaluate market conditions for several lines of insurance, and to send in their responses electronically on the associations’ collective Web sites.

“Preliminary results have found remarkable consistency among the four states, with New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York agents all reporting an average availability score of 3.5 for the fifteen lines of insurance included in the survey,” said the PIA’s announcement. “The 3.5 score falls midway between 3 (“adequate markets, some underwriting selectivity”) and 4 (“difficult market”). Connecticut showed slightly better availability with an overall average of 3.2.”

The PIA will publish the complete results from the survey on the associations’ Web sites at www.piaonline.org.

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