N.Y. Online Renewal Application Details

February 18, 2004

The New York State Department of Insurance announced that its on line license renewal application forms for Individual/TBA Property & Casualty agents is fully operative.

Agents may now renew their 2004- 2006 licenses online. “Please be sure to read the systems requirements below and make appropriate upgrades if needed. Postcards indicating if continuing education is or is not required will be mailed to all active individual/tba Property & Casualty agents the week of March 1st. The online application will also indicate if continuing education is or is not required,” said the announcement

It also noted that there’s a statutory late filing fee which will be applied if license applications are filed/processed after May 1,2004, and that agents using the system should “disable any “Pop-up Window” prevention software that you may be running before using this Application.”

The bulletin noted the following requirements:

System Requirements
In order to renew your license online, you must use Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above OR Netscape Communicator version 4.7 or above. If you do not already have the required browser, please use one of the links below to access the Web site where you will be able to download the proper browser to use this online application. Web pages are:



In addition:
Internet Explorer Users must have a Cipher Strength of 128-bit encryption to use this application. To check:
1. Select the Help Button
2. Select the About Internet Explorer option
3. Verify that the Cipher Strength is 128-bit
4. If it is, select the OK Button
5. If not, select Update Information and follow the instructions on www.microsoft.com

Important Note: After you have upgraded your web browser, restart your computer.
Netscape Users:
1. Select the Help button
2. Select the About Communicator or About Navigator option
3. Verify that US security with RSA Public Key Cryptography is supported
4. If it is, select the Back Button
5. If not, upgrade your web browser by going to www.netscape.com
Important Note: After you have upgraded your web browser, restart your computer.

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