N.Y. Court Upholds Empire Blues Conversion to Profit Corporation

June 21, 2005

  • June 21, 2005 at 5:35 am
    Kenny says:
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    As an Empire Group Health insured I feel the ruling is anti-consumer. Our rates have jumped over 60% since 2002. Just after the conversion to for-profit, NYS approved a new Mid-Hudson geographical rating territory for Empire, with a 38% rate hike. Was it any coincidence that Pataki took $1.1 billion from Empire and used it to pacify Dennis Rivera and Local 1199 with pay raises and thereby garner their support in his last re-election to Governor! We now have the highest rates in NYS! Health Insurance costs are completely out of hand. I am an insurance agent but would fully support nationalized, single payor, rationed health care for all, administered by govt. and paid for by a national sales tax (5%?) on every product and service, with severe penalties for cheating.

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