Conn. Gov. Rell to Outline Economic Development Plan Today

February 8, 2006

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell will propose as part of her mid-term budget adjustment a new plan to create jobs, improve the state’s economy and better prepare the state’s workforce for the nation’s changing economy.

The plan will consist of multiple initiatives including a large restructuring of state agencies, a reduction in business taxes and new tax credits to help improve the state’s competitiveness. The Governor will also create in her own office a new position of economic development director dedicated to coordinating economic development policy and strategy across all state agencies.

“Connecticut business needs a single focal point, and that will be my office. As Connecticut’s CEO, I am taking charge personally in setting policy and having it carried out by a new economic development director in my office,” said Rell.

“Nothing is more important than energizing our economy to create more jobs and opportunities for citizens,” she said. “This plan is designed to re-focus our resources and efforts to support business growth in Connecticut. For too long, businesses already in Connecticut and those contemplating moving here have received mixed messages from the maze of agencies working on economic development policy. That will end.”

Under her plan, the current Department of Economic and Community Development will be transformed and some of the state’s “alphabet soup” mix of agencies will be unified.

“The core mission of this session is a straightforward and critical one: to stimulate economic growth, retain good jobs, create new and even better jobs and ensure that Connecticut continues to lead the nation in prosperity,” Rell said.

“I fully understand that businesses must make their own decisions; but if they begin looking at state government as a partner, rather than an obstacle to growth, I believe they will look to us for advice and assistance before they make final decisions. Too often we have been told of a decision that is already final and have realized that, had we known a company was going down a certain road, we might have been able to give them new alternatives to examine that would benefit everyone – employees in particular and the state’s economy in general,” Rell said.

She will present the details of her economic development proposals during the State of the State address today, February 8.

Source: Gov. Rell’s Office

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