New York Insurance Ad Rules Make for Longer Phone Books

By | January 24, 2008

New York agents looking to spruce up their advertisements better pay attention to the list of insurers they represent.

And their insurers’ addresses.

That’s because any agent or broker that lists in advertising the companies it represents must also include those companies’ principal headquarters – or risk violating state insurance law.

That’s the newest ruling reiterated by the state’s insurance department in its latest set of legal opinions.

Be it an ad in a phone book, on television or in any other medium, any mention of a specific insurer must include that company’s hometown.

The rings same true for advertising that uses logos of insurers; it, too, must include the companies’ hometown or principal address, said a lawyer for the department in the written opinion.

That clarification was prompted by questions from an anonymous agent who wanted to know whether insurers’ hometowns must be listed in an advertisement.

It’s not the only advertising-related opinion the department released.

The other concerns rules on whether an agent or broker can buy advertising with a client, and was prompted by a broker who asked whether it could pay to advertise on client’s property.

The answer, a lawyer for the department wrote, depends on whether the advertising would be to rebate or induce the client to buy insurance, which is illegal under Empire State law.

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