Bank: N.H. Hannaford Customers’ Cards Compromised

May 21, 2008

TD Banknorth says it has notified New Hampshire customers that their Visa debit or credit cards have been compromised, most likely because of the Hannaford Brothers Supermarkets security breach.

Bank spokeswoman Jennifer Carlson says the bank noticed the fraud cases. She said a privacy policy prevented her from saying how many customers were involved.

TD Banknorth says instead of having a mass cancellation and reissuing its Visa debit and credit cards, it’s relying on fraud-detection computer programs which it says can monitor for fraud and even decline transactions as they are being made.

In March, Hannaford announced that a security breach had compromised more than 4 million customer card numbers.

The company faces multiple class action lawsuits stemming from the credit card breach.

Information from: New Hampshire Union Leader

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