Jay-Z Cleared of N.Y. Workers’ Comp Board Charge

By | January 4, 2012

Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but missing workers’ comp insurance payments isn’t one of them.

The judgement against the rapper and the court-ordered $18,000 fine will be vacated in a few days, according to a report from New York Post.

After consulting with the employer’s insurer, the Workers Compensation Board of New York expects the matter to be resolved soon, resulting in the judgment being vacated, according to the report.

The Workers Compensation Board previously sued the “99 Problems” rapper, accusing him of failing to make workers’ comp payments for his domestic staff.

The Board claimed in the lawsuit that the music mogul failed to pay workers’ comp insurance during a three-month period in 2009 for his cooks, maids and other domestic workers at his TriBeCa residency in New York City. The Board sued him to collect $18,000 in fines. And the court had ordered him to pay up the money.

Jay-Z’s media representatives have been saying it was all just a simple administrative error and that Jay-Z never actually missed a payment on his insurance. Now the Board appears to be in agreement, according to the latest report.

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