Trick or Treat: Penn. Regulators Offer Tips to Avoid Halloween Hazards

October 17, 2012

Things that go bump in the night could get bumpier on Halloween — so the Pennsylvania Insurance Department is reminding homeowners to use common sense on trick-or-treat night.

Homeowners are advised to keep the house well-lit and in good repair to avoid trip-and-fall accidents. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/663highland
Regulators caution that with so many unpredictable elements at play, the chances of an accident or mishap are increased on Halloween. Kids in costumes, candles in pumpkins, neighborhood foot traffic, and general Halloween high jinks, all add to the risks.

For home and automobile owners, taking precautionary measures can reduce the chances of injury or having to file an insurance claim. Regulators are advising homeowners to ensure that the house is well-lit and in good repair in order to avoid trip-and-fall accidents by trick-or-treaters.

Since children will be trick-or-treating after dark, regulators also noted, motorists should drive slowly in residential areas and watch out for those who cross against the light, dart out from between parked cars and walk in the street.

And while the homeowner’s insurance won’t cover pranksters papering trees, if they damage homeowners’ property, the damage would likely be covered. Also, if the homeowners have comprehensive coverage on the auto policy, the car may be covered if it’s damaged by trick-or-treaters.

Still, an ounce of prevention, like keeping outdoor lights on all night and parking the car in the garage, can make all the difference, regulators recommended.

Source: the Pennsylvania Insurance Department

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