Delaware: Former Coventry Policyholders Entitled to Unclaimed Funds

April 8, 2016

The Delaware Department of Insurance said several consumers have recently contacted the department’s Consumer Services Division regarding a letter they received in the mail from “Aetna, Treasury Services – Unclaimed Property.”

The letter states that the consumer may be owed unclaimed funds from Coventry Health Care of Delaware, which was acquired by Aetna in 2013. The letter requires a response before Aetna makes any payment.

Delaware Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart said Friday that Aetna has confirmed the legitimacy of the letter, which has been sent to more than 1,900 former members of Coventry.

“Some recipients thought the letter seemed suspicious, especially those who had never been insured by Aetna in the past,” Stewart said.

“Scammers are using increasingly deceptive methods to steal people’s personal and banking information, so consumers have a right to be leery about mailings that claim they are owed money,” Stewart said. “However, I can assure these former Coventry customers that the 1,900-plus letters are authentic.”

Because the letter was sent out in late March and requires a response be made within 45 days, the department urges recipients to read it carefully and reply in a timely fashion.

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