Man Awarded $1.6M Following Sears Fork Lift Accident in New York

October 4, 2018

A Connecticut jury has awarded $1.6 million to a man who was seriously injured by a fork lift at a Sears warehouse in 2014.

The Connecticut Post reports that the jury ruled in favor of Kevin Reid last Friday.

The Shelton man was injured in May 2014 in Albany, New York, while working as an independent contractor for Sears.

A Sears employee operating a fork lift carrying a refrigerator struck Reid from behind. The appliance landed on Reid’s ankle, causing a permanent injury.

A Sears operation manager for the warehouse testified that the worker was operating the fork lift improperly. The manager explained that the worker should have been driving the vehicle backward so his vision wouldn’t be obscured by the refrigerator.

Sears didn’t return calls for comment.

Information from: Connecticut Post

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