Weather Service Confirms 4 Tornadoes Hit New England This Week

September 15, 2023

Four tornadoes touched down in the New England area on Wednesday, the National Weather Service in Boston has confirmed.

A severe thunderstorm produced four tornadoes for about 90 minutes beginning at 4:00 p.m. They traveled through portions of eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southeast Massachusetts. Of the four tornadoes, three were rated an EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with an estimated maximum wind speed of 100 mph. The fourth tornado was rated an EF-0 with an estimated wind speed of 75 mph.

The first tornado began on Bailey Hill Road in the town of Killingly, Connecticut, tearing shingles from a two story home and. snapping or uprooted trees. The tornado moved northeast causing more tree damage before dissipating on Shippie Schoolhouse Road in the town of Foster, Rhode Island.

Another with maximum winds of 100 mph began in a wooded area in Glocester, Rhode Island where it snapped or uprooted an estimated 75 or more trees. The tornado moved northeast before dissipating over an open field. Most notably, a small outbuilding used as bus stop shelter was blown away by the tornado with remnants littered west of the original location. Some pieces were found on a neighbor’s roof.

The third tornado with maximum winds of 100 mph began east of the airport in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The National Weather Service said a video did show a funnel cloud passing over the airport but found no damage. The tornado uprooted a large tree and damaged am estimated 20` by 30` section of roof on a building across the street. Video provided by Lincoln Animal Control showed a thin tornado passing at the end of the facility`s driveway and twisting a large branch from a tree. The tornado moved northeast into a field of solar panels which uplifted two sections.

The fourth tornado, with estimated maximum winds of 75 mph, briefly touched down in a rural area of North Attleborough, Massachusetts on Ellis Road. The tree damage was limited to the tops of three trees having been twisted off and lofted into a nearby pasture, the weather service reported.

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