Heavy Rains Cause Flood Loss in U.K.

June 6, 2000

Unseasonably heavy rains over the weekend caused extensive flood damage in northeast England. “Almost 30 hours of continuous rain caused the river Calder to burst its banks, flooding the town of Todmorden. Water was eight feet deep in some places,” reported the BBC.

Damage estimates in Todmorden alone could reach £12 million ($18 million). Richard Guthrie, managing director of Donald Riggs Insurance Brokers told the BBC that his staff were already handling numerous claims for property damage, clean up costs, and alternative accommodations.

The floods interrupted commercial activities as well. “Many businesses have been greatly affected and we are going to see claims for loss of profits on top of claims for damage to stock and premises, ” Guthrie indicated to the BBC.

The floods also shut down rail traffic on Britain’s east coast for a time, and stranded over 200 sheep, which fireman finally were able to rescue.

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