Lloyd’s Syndicate To Offer Tripwire Cyber Insurance

September 12, 2000

Tripwire Inc. a leading U.S. provider of “integrity assessment security solutions,” headquartered in Portland, has joined with Lloyd’s HAW Syndicate “to include Tripwire software as a recommended risk management tool in the e-Comprehensive cyber insurance policy.”

“e-Comprehensive is the leading cyber insurance policy on the market today and provides a $50 million facility limit with open market capacity to $200 million in limits for ‘hacker’ type exposures, ” said the announcement.

“The policy, which is authored by Simon Miller of JLT Risk Solutions and led by the HAW Syndicate at Lloyd’s, protects against malicious and accidental acts that can cause catastrophic liabilities and loss to property assets, revenue generation and trade secrets,” it continued.

Jonathan Butcher, lead underwriter at HAW Syndicate, stated that, “Tripwire reduces the opportunity for hackers to disrupt the computer operations of a company. We feel strongly about the value of Tripwire and have integrated its reports into our policy wording to emphasize the fact that e-Risks need to be managed and its in everyone’s interest to manage the risks correctly.”

Concurrently Tripwire announced the launch of Tripwire Insurance Services (TIS), “a wholly owned subsidiary and the first organization of its kind designed to market e-risk insurance solutions.” It’s available over the Internet at: www.tripwire.com/TIS.

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