Insurance Domain Names Auction Date Set

October 26, 2000

London-based international auctioneers Colliers CRE is planning to auction off a set of 303 domain names relating to the insurance industry on November 22.

The set “is equally divided into three identical sub-sets [101 dot com / 101 dot net /101 dot, and is made up of insurance industry standard terms and headings such as;, and,” according to the announcement for the sale.

A company that acquires the exclusive use of such domain names can achieve distinct market advantages in e-commerce by being able to steer potential customers to its website.

As a result the value of commonly used terms, that have been turned into domain names gives them a great deal of value. The announcement cites recent sales figures of several site names for over $1 million.

Director of auctions Stephen Bellau at Colliers CRE can be reached for further information – by telephone at: 44 20 7953 4499; by fax at: 44 20 7487 1800; and by E-mail at:

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