International Insurance Group Launches Mexican Auto Policy Website

May 7, 2001

International Insurance Group Inc., in conjunction with Grupo Nacional Provincial (A.M. Best rated “A-9”), announced the launch of its website designed to allow agents, brokers and consumers to issue Mexico auto insurance policies online.

The site also allows agents and brokers to access commercial insurance placements in Mexico. The program is agency-billed in the traditional fashion, and stats may by checked in an online agency production area at any time to determine monthly production.

Consumers can also make 24/7, direct purchases of short-term Mexican auto policies, up to 25 days, from participating agents websites. The process gives clients the appearance that they are purchasing insurance directly from an agent’s website. Clients who spend more than 25 days a year in Mexico will be referred to the agency for the “traditional” sale of six-month and annual policies. Commissions to agents and brokers begin at 20 percent.

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