China Sends Insurance Team to Korea to Arrange Air Crash Claims Payments

April 17, 2002

According to reports from China’s Xinhua News Agency, the Beijing Insurers Association has taken the lead in establishing a special team of investigators and dispatching them to South Korea to examine and expedite claims payments arising from the crash of an Air China 767-200 while attempting to land at Pusan airport on Monday.

At least 109 of the 166 persons aboard the plane were reported to have died in the crash. Remarkably the rest managed to survive. The working group will survey the coverage for the dead and missing. It’s cooperating with five Chinese life insurance companies that cover flights originating in Beijing. It’s also looking for any applicable accident insurance policies which passengers may have obtained prior to the flight.

The report stressed that the quick response, and the dedication to rapidly compensate victims and their families, was part of an effort, backed by the Chinese government, to assure the safety of the country’s air carriers. The crash was the first time an Air China plane has been lost since the company was established in 1988.

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