Markel International Selects Sagent for Strategic Data integration Platform

October 2, 2002

Markel International has selected Sagent’s “Ease-of-Use” to provide a new enterprise-wide data integration platform.

Sagent’s announcement indicated that “Markel’s business success is highly dependent upon detailed and timely operational and customer information. By utilizing Sagent software, Markel expects to significantly reduce the time and cost required to deliver management information to business decision makers. ”

“The data warehouse project will integrate data from 14 core transaction systems into a single, unified data model, providing us with a 360 degree view of our operations,” stated Tony Ledger, Markel International’s IT Director. “More importantly, it will give our business managers the confidence that the data they require is being extracted from the core systems correctly and that the data is accurate and up to date. The data warehouse will provide a single view of management information.”

Damian Smith, Markel International’s independent data-warehousing consultant, noted that “Markel’s business users find Sagent easy to use because it provides graphical visibility into the whole data integration and analysis process. Sagent’s technology allows key business users to track the movement of data from the source to the target, enabling them to view result sets at any point in the process. This will make it an invaluable tool for maintaining data quality within the organisation.”

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