CSC, ri3k Complete System Integration

August 15, 2003

Computer Sciences Corporation, based in El Segundo CA, and ri3k, the U.K.-based global reinsurance infrastructure provider, announced that they have successfully completed an integration project between CSC’s recently launched SICS/nt 3.0 reinsurance administration system and the ri3k Hub, which directs processable reinsurance contract and technical accounting data from one company’s system to another over the Internet.

The bulletin emphasized that the integration demonstrates system viability to meet the reinsurance market’s goal for early, “Single Entry” data capture. “This integration now allows cedants, brokers and reinsurers to transfer contract (risk) data between the ri3k Hub and SICS/nt 3.0, eliminating the need to re-key any data, thus providing a seamless interface between counter parties and allowing faster, more cost effective processing. CSC and ri3k demonstrated the successful completion of this technical ‘proof of concept’ stage at CSC’s recent Reinsurance Market User Group conference in Florence, Italy.”

“What we have demonstrated reflects the future of integration between applications that the reinsurance industry will demand,” stated Paul Bryson, vice president and head of CSC’s Reinsurance Division. “SICS/nt 3.0’s open architecture and application programme interfaces make this possible. Working with ri3k on this integration now means that, from a technical standpoint, we are on track for further stages in the development of our systems in order to meet the demands for electronic data exchange.”

ri3k CEO Alex Letts added, “At Florence, the mist lifted for many of the onlookers at the conference. People actually witnessed a live, seamless transfer of data from one system to another. This is just the start. In a few years time, the seamless movement of data will be standard practice for the big players the industry.”

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