Nurses and Firemen Top UK’s ‘Sexual Fantasies’ List

August 23, 2006

Why BUDGET, a leading U.K. based insurance intermediary that specializes in low cost coverage of vans (small trucks), motorcycles and other consumer lines, would fund a study on the sexual fantasies of British men and women is anyone’s guess. But fund it they did, polling some 1,818 people above the age of 16. The results have been widely disseminated in the British press.

The IJ, therefore feels compelled to inform readers on the other side of the Atlantic what the British are thinking, or dreaming, on the subject, when, of course, they’re not thinking about insurance.

British men fantasize most, 54 percent, about nurses – presumably in uniforms. British women, however, 47 percent, fantasize about firemen, also, one presumes, in uniforms. Milkmen and Politicians were at the bottom of the women’s list – only 0.8 percent and 1.7 respectively reported having sexual fantasies about them. For men meter maids (traffic wardens in the U.K.) were at the bottom with a 6.5 percent fantasy rate.

Other professions, who scored well with women, were soldiers, 28 percent, businessmen, 27 percent, doctors, 26 percent and football (soccer) players, 20 percent.

In addition to the nurses men reported having sexual fantasies about maids, 44 percent, and airhostesses (formerly know as stewardesses), 40 percent.

Celebrities – which seems to be a very broad category these days – remain a top ranking sexual fantasy with 40 percent of both men and women dreaming about having sex with one.

More women fantasized about same sex relationships, 23.5 percent compared to 5.3 percent for men, but a large number of men, 55 percent, fantasized about threesomes (presumably with a nurse and a maid) than women, 31 percent.

Unless you count them as celebrities, no one seemed to fantasize about journalists.

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