France’s SCOR Group Launches Global Risk Center

December 17, 2010

French reinsurer SCOR Group has launched the SCOR Global Risk Center, as part of the Group’s strategic plan for 2010-2013, “Strong Momentum”, and is in line with its long-term commitments.

The bulletin noted that “SCOR has already developed several partnerships with the academic and research worlds, and has its own Life reinsurance research centers. SCOR also organizes actuarial awards in many European countries: Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The Center “brings together “studies and publications produced or supported by SCOR; all of the resources that SCOR wishes to reference for all those interested in risk.”

In addition SCOR stressed that the “resource center is easily available to everyone, free of charge, at or on the SCOR website It will deal with all disciplines concerned by risk (mathematics, actuarial, physics, chemistry, geophysics, climatology, sociology, law, economics, finance, etc.), although contributions may originate from any field, without restriction.”

Chairman and CEO Denis Kessler commented: “Through its lines of business and its history, SCOR is at the confluence of knowledge and expertise in terms of risk. The SCOR Global Risk Center will bring together a large number of works completed by or in association with SCOR.

“Moreover we want anyone who may be concerned by risk – insurers, reinsurers, risk managers, public decision-makers, company directors, academics, students, individuals, and so on – to be able to find in the SCOR Global Risk Center the best external resources that we can index in the various different areas of risk. This project is also open to any external contributions we may receive. SCOR is thus reaffirming its commitment to research in the field of risk and to spreading knowledge in this area”.

Source: SCOR Group

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