RMS Analyzes Terrorist Attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport

January 27, 2011

Risk Management Solutions has analyzed the circumstances pertaining to the bombing at Domodedovo airport in Moscow on Monday, which killed 35 people and wounded 180.

RMS said the “attack was perpetrated by a lone suicide bomber, who detonated 15 lbs [6.8 kgs] of explosives inside the arrivals hall, an unsecured area that allows people to enter freely to meet passengers.”

Dr. Gordon Woo, lead catastrophist at RMS, added: “Early intelligence reports suggest the bomber might have had several accomplices. It appears that Russian Intelligence might have had some prior notice of an impending attack, but the small size of this conspiracy would have made it hard to interdict. The chance of stopping a plot like this is only about 60 percent.”

In addition RMS warned that this “is the kind of aviation transportation attack that could occur at any major airport in North America or Europe, and as a result a heightened alert at Heathrow was recently announced.

“From an insurance perspective, intelligence constraints on the number of operatives are limiting the scale of the terrorism losses inflicted, which are much lower than for a large vehicle bomb, or an aircraft impact into a high-rise building.”

Source: Risk Management Solutions

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