CPCU Society Names Nadeem as First International Ambassador

June 13, 2012

The CPCU Society has named Shahid Nadeem as its first international ambassador. He will attend the CPCU Society Annual Meeting and Seminars in Washington, D.C., September 8-11, 2012.

Nadeem works at “Gulf General Cooperative Insurance Company as an underwriting manager and, in addition to CPCU, has achieved the Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Associate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM), and Associate in Reinsurance (ARe) professional designations,” said the announcement.

The appointment highlights the growth of the CPCU from a purely ‘national,’ i.e. U.S., organization to an international one. The bulletin points out that at present there are over 200 CPCUs who live and work outside of the U.S., with greater numbers joining them each year.

However, there are additional challenges linked to the expansion. These include: “Taking CPCU exams in a second language; finding support for study; and explaining what CPCU stands for in Belgium, Bermuda, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and other countries. The CPCU Society recognizes that international CPCUs and CPCU candidates face a challenge different from those in the United States.

“Anthony Fienberg, a CPCU living and working in France, led a team of internationally focused CPCUs to create the CPCU Society International Ambassador (CSIA) program. This program recognizes a foreign-based CPCU for his or her efforts in promoting the CPCU designation across borders, and provides financial support to attend the CPCU Society Annual Meetings and Seminars. Washington D.C., the 2012 venue, provides the proper backdrop for recognizing the CSIA inaugural winner. Please join us in congratulating Shahid Nadeem and help him extend the CPCU footprint around the globe.”

Steve McElhiney, CPCU, 2011-2012 CPCU Society president and chairman, expressed a warm welcome for Nadeem for the Washington, D.C. International Meeting. He stated: “If we look to the world of international relations generally, the role of ambassadors has been pivotal in advancing and fostering matters of trade and cultural exchanges.

“Our world would simply not have advanced to its current state without the service of hundreds of national ambassadors across time. In the same vein, the International CPCU Society will be highly dependent upon its various ambassadors to help advance our global footprint and to advance the Society generally around the world.”

The bulletin noted that “Nadeem was selected for his commitment to promoting the designation and the CPCU Society in Saudi Arabia and beyond, through a series of ‘Connections’ visits encouraging Society membership and generating interest among future CPCUs. He will also write an original article for a CPCU Society interest group upon returning home from the Annual Meeting and Seminars. Nadeem hopes to soon realize his goal of creating a CPCU Society Chapter in the Middle East.”

Source: CPCU Society

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