Willis to Launch Cyber ATLAS, a Cyber Security ‘Toolkit’

December 6, 2013

Willis Group Holdings announced that in response to a “stark warning from the UK government that cyber crime threat facing UK companies is increasing,” it is launching Cyber ATLAS, which it describes as a “complete security solution to help UK companies combat the threat of cyber crime. Cyber ATLAS is an acronym for Assessment Training Learning Accreditation and Services.”

The UK’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills said in November that it would be working with businesses to encourage them to “make cyber security a board-level responsibility.” Willis explained that its Cyber ATLAS is “designed to build resilience across an entire company, from the shop floor to the board of directors.”

It comprises “e-Learning for all levels of staff, an online self-audit allowing organizations to test their current levels of security and a 24/7 incident response service providing first-class support and advice in the event of a cyber-breach.”

Willis said it developed the product “in conjunction with Nick Gibbons, cyber, information technology and intellectual property law specialist at BLM, Gordon Walker, lead investigator on IT claims at Charles Taylor and E-Security Exchange Ltd., Cyber ATLAS helps companies prevent fraud and online attacks which cost small businesses £780 million [$1.276 billion] a year, according to the Federation of Small Businesses.”

Jonathan Brooks, Practice Leader for FINEX National at Willis, said: “Cyber criminals know that larger multinationals have the infrastructure to fight cyber crime so they often target the IT network and vulnerabilities of a small company to get into the network of the multinational.

“We knew that very few companies within the insurance industry deal with educating their clients on preventative measures but what we didn’t realize was the sheer lack of solutions that were available for small businesses. Quite simply, they were either far too expensive for a small business or took weeks or even months to complete.”

BLM partner and cyber specialist, Nick Gibbons commented: “Many of our large UK clients routinely ask their suppliers to provide written confirmation that their IT networks have good security protocols in place to protect data. It may seem obvious but any organization that has a supply-chain is only as strong as the weakest link in that supply chain. The cyber age that we all now enjoy has also brought with it some very significant new risks.”

Gordon Walker, lead investigator on IT claims at Charles Taylor, added: “Cyber ATLAS focuses on prevention first to provide a means of improving the overall level of cyber security for UK business. This really is a complete cyber package which allows those with limited IT skills to improve their own and their suppliers’ cyber security.”

Source: Willis Group Holdings

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