Thorpe to Lead ANV Syndicates 1861, 5820 and 779 Unified Claims Team

February 12, 2014

ANV Holdings BV, the Dutch headquartered specialty insurance business, announced the appointment of Jonathan Thorpe, the former Head of Claims and Legal Counsel for Syndicates 5820 and 779 to take over the leadership role as Head of Claims for all of ANV Syndicates, thereby creating a “new unified and singular structure for its ANV Syndicates claims team and its leadership.

Thorpe joined Syndicates 779 and 5820 in May 2012 from his position as a Partner at the insurance and reinsurance specialist law firm CMS Cameron McKenna LLP. In his new role “he will be leading a team that is unified in its resources but specialized for each of the differing lines of business served within the ANV managing agencies and the three Syndicates they support,” said the announcement.

“The new structure for this team allows our partners and insureds to have both the depth of resources and experiences of our full organization available to them, but also dedicated specialists in each specific area of risk to resolve difficult situations and find new approaches,”Adam Barker, ANV Group Claims Director, explained.

“At ANV we see the claims function as inseparable from the work we do as insurers and risks we assume each day as underwriters,” said R. Matthew Fairfield, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ANV. “The integrated, specialized approach Jonathan is bringing to our ANV Syndicates claims team aligns exactly with the ‘one company’ philosophy we hold closely at ANV and the commitment to service from beginning to end we make to every one of our insureds and partners.”

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