McMellin to Replace Sinfield as CEO of Catlin Group’s London Hub

August 15, 2014

Catlin Group Limited (CGL) announced that Andrew McMellin, currently CEO of the Group’s US underwriting hub, will become CEO of the London hub during the first half of 2015.

The bulletin also explained that Paul Jardine, the Group’s COO, will serve as interim CEO of the London hub until McMellin takes up his new position next year. Jardine previously served as CEO of Catlin’s London operations from 2003 to 2006.

McMellin will remain a member of the Catlin Group Executive Committee. He has served as the New York-based CEO of Catlin’s US hub since September 2012. He joined Catlin in 1999 as class underwriter in London for non-marine liability business and was appointed underwriting director in 2003. He was appointed deputy underwriter of the Catlin Syndicate in
2006, Group underwriting director in 2008 and deputy chief underwriting officer in 2009.

Catlin Group’s CEO Stephen Catlin expressed his delight that “McMellin will return to London next year to become chief executive officer of Catlin’s London hub,” describing him as “a key member of the Group’s management team,” and indicating that he “has done a superb job of managing the profitable growth of our US-based operations over the past two years and will continue in this role for several months to assure a smooth transition. He will then be responsible for all activities carried out by our London-based operations, which produced more than $2.4 billion in gross premiums written in 2013.

“I am also happy to announce that Paul Jardine will serve as interim CEO of the London hub for the next several months;” adding that Jardine has “served as our London CEO during a period of unprecedented growth at Catlin, and he will be supported by a strong management team based in London.”

The bulletin noted that Sinfield, who is leaving the Group, “has served as CEO of the London operating hub since November 2011. He joined Catlin in January 2003 as the Group’s claims director and was responsible for the direction of Catlin’s worldwide claims operations,” a field that Catlin specializes in.

Stephen Catlin thanked Sinfield “for his many achievements during his more than a decade of service with Catlin;” indicating that he “is largely responsible for the development of Catlin’s world-class claims team and has made significant contributions during the past three years as CEO of the London hub. I wish Nick all the best in his future endeavors.”

Source: Catlin Group

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