Dujuan Strengthens; Threatens Ryukyu’s, Japan,Taiwan, China: AccuWeather

September 25, 2015

AccuWeather has reported that Tropical Storm Dujuan is on track to strengthen into a powerful typhoon with Japan’s Ryukyu Islands in its path and mainland Japan, Taiwan and eastern China on alert for potential impacts.

“Dujuan has been steadily strengthening since Thursday when it overcame its battle with disruptive wind shear,” AccuWeather said. “That trend will continue into this weekend as strong wind shear remains absent and Dujuan churns northwestward over the warm waters of the Philippine Sea.

“Dujuan is expected to become a typhoon later Friday and intensify to the strength of a Category 3 hurricane by Sunday. It is even possible for Dujuan to reach Category 4 hurricane strength later in the weekend.”

During the weekend the typhoon will be away from any land; however, rising seas could already pose a threat to the Ryukyu Islands. Those in the storm’s projected track, which includes Taiwan and eastern China, as well as the Ryukyu Islands, “should closely monitor the progress of Dujuan and be prepared to take any necessary precautions,” the bulletin said. “The final stages of Dujuan may eventually pose a flood risk to mainland Japan and South Korea.”

“The southern Ryukyu Islands can expect heavy rain to move in along with damaging sustained winds of up to 160 kph (100 mph) possibly,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards Richards said. Flooding is a serious concern, along with dangerously rough seas and low-lying coastal flooding.

AccuWeather said: “Even stronger destructive winds will threaten the islands if they endure a direct hit by Dujuan’s eyewall, where the strongest winds of a typical system are located. Okinawa should escape the worst of Dujuan unless it takes a turn more to the north than currently expected.

“The scenarios for Dujuan after it tracks through the Ryukyu Islands range from the future typhoon maintaining its northwestward track toward northern Taiwan and eastern China or turning northeastward and causing mainland Japan to brace for impacts around Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Latest indications favor the first solution unfolding.

“In this scenario, cities from Taipei, Taiwan, to Shanghai, China, may face or be grazed with heavy rain and damaging winds during the first part of next week.

“The exact track and strength of Dujuan will determine the extent of the damaging wind threat in Taiwan and eastern China. The cooler waters of the southern East China Sea will likely cause Dujuan to weaken during its approach, which may spare some communities from the danger.

“On the other hand, as Dujuan approaches the coast it may also decrease its forward speed. The result could mean more rain and a heightened flood risk for a given location. Even if Dujuan heads toward eastern China, mainland Japan may not totally escape all impacts from Dujuan. Moisture from the future typhoon could still interact with a frontal boundary to cause heavy rain to spread across western Japan early next week.”

It may then “track farther into eastern China but could instead take a turn to the northeast and threaten more of mainland Japan and even South Korea with potentially flooding rain as a non-tropical system,” the report concluded.

Source: AccuWeather

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