Hurricane Nicole Weakens After Direct Bermuda Hit; Storm Trackers Comment

October 14, 2016

Hurricane Nicole made a direct hit on Bermuda Thursday as the strongest hurricane to affect the Atlantic archipelago in 13 years, according to a report issued by Weather Underground.

The storm’s impact on Bermuda has now ended, with the exception of dangerous surf and rip currents, as Nicole weakens and accelerates northeastward, the report continued.

The eye of Nicole hit Bermuda at midday Thursday before moving away from the islands in the afternoon, Weather Underground continued.

Nicole’s intensity reduced from a Category 4 hurricane late on Wednesday evening to Category 2 intensity, the report said.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has forecast Nicole to gradually weaken as it tracks away from Bermuda, though it is expected to remain at hurricane strength through the remainder of the five day NHC forecast, said a separate report compiled by Dr. Mark Powell who runs the RMS HWind center for real-time analysis of hurricanes

The RMS report said Bermuda missed the highest winds in the eastern eyewall of the storm, which were over 100 mph.

This system currently poses no direct threat to any additional land areas, Weather Underground said.

Hurricanes of such intensity rarely pass through the Bermuda area, confirmed Weather Underground’s report. Indeed, only 12 Category 3 hurricanes have tracked within 75 miles of Bermuda since 1899.

RMS said there is a high level of property insurance penetration in Bermuda and most insurance policies are extended to include damage due to windstorms and storm surge inundation.

“Property damage from wind is normally minor due to Bermuda’s stone-built and stone-roofed construction, except in the most severe storms,” said the report compiled by RMS.

In addition, most resorts are protected from wave and storm surge damage due to their location on low cliffs and Bermuda’s natural harbors provide shelter for pleasure craft, RMS added.

Source: Weather Underground and RMS

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