CNA’s Cyber Risk Services Program, CNA CyberPrep, Launched in Canada

March 5, 2021

CNA announced that CNA CyberPrep, a proactive cyber risk services program, has been launched in Canada.

Already available to CNA’s customers in the United States, CNA CyberPrep helps cyber policyholders with threat identification, mitigation and response.

The CNA CyberPrep program is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and is rooted in strong relationships with highly regarded cyber-security professionals. These relationships provide companies with access to essential risk control information and service providers to mitigate exposures – at every stage of a cyber incident, said CNA in a statement.

Built on nearly two decades of cyber insurance expertise, CNA CyberPrep is the latest addition to CNA’s suite of cyber liability insurance products and risk control resources.

CNA CyberPrep provides access to a network of cyber-security professionals and services, which help clients:

  • Identify current cyber-security posture. Built from NIST guidelines, a select group of cyber-security professionals help insureds identify the strengths and weaknesses of their cyber-security posture while also providing best practices.
  • Mitigate potential cyber-security risk. Cyber-security recommendations, such as policy and procedure development and testing, password management and employee education, are put into action, helping insureds minimize the effects of cyber breaches on their organizations.
  • Respond to cyber incidents. Security incidents are often high-pressure situations. CNA’s incident response vendors will bring an understanding of the critical steps needed to manage an incident’s impact and provide help after one occurs.

Every organization has a different cyber security posture, so there is not a one size fits all response. CNA CyberPrep helps companies understand their unique posture and then invest and plan accordingly. With CNA CyberPrep, plans can be tested regularly and updated as the cyber threat landscape changes.

“Taking a holistic approach to cyber threats regardless of the size or industry of an organization coupled with proper threat protection and risk mitigation tools can help safeguard the company from negative impacts to the bottom line. CNA’s multi-faceted, proactive approach helps to identify cyber security gaps which can potentially reduce the impact of a cyber incident, helping to create a more resilient business model,” said Jacqueline Detablan, vice president, Specialty, CNA.

Source: CNA

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