Ohio DOI Creates New, More Decorative Agent License Certificate

February 7, 2001

Ohio Insurance Department Director Lee Covington announced that the department has designed a new license certificate for Ohio insurance agents and other licensees that can be used for display purposes.

The new five-by-seven inch certificate will feature a gold foil reproduction of the Seal of the State of Ohio and the signature of Ohio Insurance commissioner Lee Covington.

“The new agent license is a reflection of the high quality of service Ohio agents provide to Ohio citizens,” Covington said. “We know agents will be proud to display the new license certificate.” New agents and agents requesting a duplicate license will receive the new version of the license.

All currently licensed agents may request a new version of the license certificate by filling out the “Duplicate License Request Form” located on the agent page of the Ohio Department of Insurance website at www.ohioinsurance.gov/agent/ohiolicense.htm. You can also request a new license by writing to the License Division of the Ohio Department of Insurance at 2100 Stella Court, Columbus, Ohio 43215, faxing to (614) 644-3475, e-mailing to ohiolicense@ins.state.oh.us. Please include your name, social security number and a mailing address.

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