InsuranceNoodle to Distribute St. Paul Travelers’ VisionPak

June 17, 2005

Chicago-based online wholesaler InsuranceNoodle has been selected by St. Paul Travelers as one of fewer than 90 agencies nationwide to offer the carrier’s VisionPak suite of products for technology companies.

Under the agreement, the more than 2,400 independent small commercial agencies currently using InsuranceNoodle’s proprietary, Web-based technology platform will have access to a wide range of standard and optional specialized coverages for an array of technology companies.

In addition to standard BOP, some of the specialized coverages automatically included in VisionPak are catastrophe allowance, computer systems fraud, pollution cleanup and removal, radioactive contamination, random attack, rewards, telecommunications theft, worldwide dependent properties for blanket earnings and expenses, bio-contamination and research animals, specialized redefinition of earnings for medical technology R&D operations, and medical technology grants, endowments and other financial contributions for blanket earnings and expenses.

VisionPak also offers optional coverages for limited sudden and accidental pollution, first-party product recall (for information technology and electronics manufacturing), global coverage, errors and omissions, Internet liability, and CYBERTECH+, which combines E&O and Internet liability into one coverage form.

The three main technology business categories covered under VisionPak are:

—Information Technology (including computer integrated systems design and programming
services, database and pre-packaged software developers, and Website designers);
—Electronics Manufacturing (including computer peripheral, instrument and measuring, and
telecommunications equipment); and
—Medical Technology (including R&D for offices only, and biotechnology, medical device and
pharmaceuticals R&D for laboratories only).

St. Paul Travelers’ VisionPak is available in all states and the District of Columbia; some exclusions and restrictions apply.

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