Platinum Supplemental Insurance Creates Worksite Division, Adds Director

December 7, 2012

Platinum Supplemental Insurance has introduced a Worksite Division and added Duane Frick of Dubuque, Iowa, as director of worksite development. The new division is designed specifically to help employers add voluntary supplemental insurance to their benefit packages.

The launch of the Worksite Division comes as a direct result of Platinum’s newest release in September of its cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance product that offers enhanced screening and wellness benefits beyond those presented in traditional supplemental insurance products.

With the addition of the Worksite Division, this product is being made available to companies and business of all sizes to offer to their employees as an enhancement to their current benefit package.

Frick is a seasoned professional in the Dubuque financial and business industry.

With the cancer, heart attack and stroke supplemental policy, benefits are paid directly to the policyholders to use as they deem necessary, the company said in its announcement.

Platinum’s provides a lump-sum payment of up to $30,000 upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke.

For policyholders this gives them the ability to focus on recovery, not the financial hardship that critical illness imposes. For employers offering the product it conveys employee appreciation and wellness.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance is headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa.

Source: Platinum Supplemental Insurance

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