Iowa Seeks Comments on Deadline Change for Crop/Hail Insurance Filing

July 15, 2014

The Iowa Insurance Division is considering a possible change in the crop insurance filing deadline and is inviting informal comments to assist the division in its deliberation.

The IID said it is mulling the crop insurance filing deadline after being approached by a group of producers to do so.

The group requested the deadline be moved to January 1 or at the latest February 1 in order to allow producers ample time in dealing with farmers before they begin activities in the fields.

The current deadline to have crop-hail rate filings into the division for review is on or before March 15 of each calendar year. This deadline has not changed in at least 15 years, the IID said.

The producers contend that with the current deadline they have a difficult time setting appointments with farmers to discuss the current products and rates. Data provided by the group showed that states surrounding Iowa have an earlier filing deadline than March 15.

The present deadline is currently under Iowa Administrative Rule 191-20.8, so any change would require the necessary rulemaking processes, including a hearing.

Comments should be directed electronically to