Findlay, Ohio, Could Face Higher Flood Insurance Costs

August 18, 2014

Leaders in a northwestern Ohio city that has seen more than its share of flooding say the Federal Emergency Management Agency has threatened to put the its flood insurance program on “probation.”

Officials in Findlay say that could increase the cost of flood insurance premiums.

The Courier newspaper in Findlay reports that FEMA wants the city to resolve more than 100 property issues the agency has identified, or else it might force the higher premiums.

Findlay’s mayor says she doesn’t believe the city’s flood insurance program status is in jeopardy. She thinks what is happening now is because the city is trying to join a rate-reduction program for flood insurance.

The city has had five major floods since 2007 that have brought millions of dollars in damage.

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  • August 18, 2014 at 2:04 pm
    jim says:
    Findlay's Major doesn't have a clue and needs to get an education about flood and what it takes to properly protect its city. Many cities have or are working with FEMA to imro... read more
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