Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Rothman to Run for State Attorney General

November 17, 2017

Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman announced that he is leaving his post to run a campaign for state attorney general. In a statement, Rothman said he is stepping down as of 11 a.m. today.

“I have made the decision to step down from my role as Commissioner in order to ensure that the Department and I have no conflicts of interest as I launch a campaign,” Rothman said. “As I announce this decision, I would like to thank Governor Mark Dayton for the incredible opportunity to serve in his Administration, and for his unwavering trust and support these past seven years.”

The commerce department oversees the business of insurance in Minnesota.

“Serving the people of Minnesota as Commerce Commissioner, alongside a dedicated team of public servants at the Commerce Department, has been an honor and a privilege. I am extremely proud of all we have accomplished together to protect consumers, advance Minnesota’s clean energy economy, enhance financial education and outreach, and protect the public interest,” Rothman said.

In addition to announcing his decision to step down today, Rothman also submitted this letter of thanks to Governor Mark Dayton.

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  • November 17, 2017 at 5:12 pm
    Agent says:
    Better check his background and see if he has any skeletons in the closet.
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