Ohio Insurance Agents Group Creates Data Analytics Company, IntellAgent

January 7, 2019

Ohio Insurance Agents Association Inc. (OIA) has launched IntellAgent LLC, an analytics-driven organization that specializes in actionable insights for independent agents.

IntellAgents LLC was formed to help independent agents across the country leverage big data in order to make better business decisions for their agencies. Through partnerships with other state-based independent agents’ associations, IntellAgents will have access to thousands of isolated data points across independent insurance agencies and be able to turn them into business intelligence.

To date, Ohio Insurance Agents Association is joined by six additional investors, including the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois, Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, Michigan Association of Insurance Agents, Insurance Agents & Brokers of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, and Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, to lead the effort in bringing data analytics insights to independent agents.

IntellAgents products and services will be in the investor states, as well as several other “subscriber” states, in 2019. Availability will continue to expand rapidly throughout 2020.

Source: Ohio Insurance Agents Association (OIA)

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