GEICO Dropping ‘Dr. Laura’

July 10, 2000

In a statement distributed late last week, GEICO Insurance has announced it will no longer permit its advertising to appear during Laura Schlessinger’s radio program.

For three weeks, the site urged viewers to contact GEICO. The site, which has received a flood of over 30 million hits and millions of unique visitors since its March 1 launch, contained contact information for GEICO and other companies connected with Schlessinger’s program.

GEICO joins a growing list of major corporations that have distanced themselves from Schlessinger, including Procter & Gamble, United Airlines, American Express, Xerox, Toys R Us,, BoxLot, and Amica Insurance.

“Corporate America has spoken: Schlessinger is bad for business,” said Joel Lawson, a co-founder of “Paramount is the only company in America that hasn’t figured this out.” Geico responded by saying they have received a great deal of feedback, some positive, but most negative.

“Most of the negative feedback has been from the gay and lesbian community, which finds many of Dr. Laura’s comments concerning sexual orientation to be highly offensive and prejudicial. GEICO is and has been an insurer for everyone,” Lawson said. “To reach all audiences, we advertise in a wide range of media. We do not endorse the views expressed by the personalities on whose shows we advertise, but we do monitor the results of these advertising efforts closely, and we take seriously the feedback we receive from our policyholders and the listening and viewing public. Having analyzed these factors, we have decided we will not continue our advertising on the “Dr. Laura” radio program effective July 1.”

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