Broadreach Consulting Launches Insurance Agent

July 17, 2000 Broadreach Consulting, Inc., an Internet Professional Services firm, today announced the completion of a comprehensive web site for Internet Pipeline. provides “back office” tools for insurance agents, brokers, and financial services professionals. The online tools enable end-to-end processing for the sale of life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuity products.

“We needed to create a business-to-business tool that would enable insurance agents to get quicker response times for their customers. We had the business model, but we didn’t have the time or staff in place,” said Shawn Carey, vice president and co-founder of Internet Pipeline. “Broadreach Consulting offered a level of expertise we couldn’t find anywhere else. They were able to help us develop an infrastructure that matched Microsoft’s standards. When you are trying to build your business around a Web site this is crucial to your survival.”

The site offers quoting tools that show hundreds of products in side-by-side comparisons, electronic application forms, underwriting requirements, product guides, and continual updates on industry changes. In addition agents will be able to obtain licensing forms, order paramedical exams, and take continuing education courses on-line. The site includes access to data from over one hundred insurance companies and in the future will feature a contact management system.

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