Poll Measures Americans’ Trust of Insurance Sales

July 25, 2000

Results of a recent Zogby America poll demonstrated an almost even division in opinion regarding the trustworthiness of insurance salespeople.

The telephone survey polled 1,035 adults nationwide, asking them to, “Rate each of the following professions on how much you trust them to do an adequate job and treat you fairly: insurance salesperson.” Thirty-two percent said they did not trust insurance salespeople to do an adequate job and to treat them fairly. However, 28% expressed the opinion that insurance salespeople could be trusted. The remaining 38% were neutral.

Results showed that younger people put more trust in insurance salespeople. While 32.2%, of older respondents said they did not believe insurance salespeople would treat them fairly and honestly, 39% of responding 18-24 year olds expressed trust in insurance salespeople. There was also a difference between the responses of men and women, with 38% of men expressing distrust of insurance salespeople. Only 26.5% of women expressed the same opinion.

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