XChange Insurance Network Goes National

May 24, 2001

XChange Insurance Network, a southeastern regional company for the past six years, expanded nationwide. The Internet network was designed to bring the consumer to the insurance agent for low cost insurance and information.

According to the company, XChange Insurance Network is a central location for consumers to find quality insurance agents by linking to a network agent’s website in the consumer’s own state. If a person is relocating and needs to find an insurance agent in their new location, XChange Insurance Network will provide agents.

In utilizing the network, one can research an agent’s products, obtain insurance quotes or any other information that might make their moving transition easier. The agents in the network offer all types of insurance including auto, homeowners, life, health, medical, commercial and many other types of insurance plans. Plus, many agents offer “real-time” quotes for insurance directly from their website.

For the insurance agent, XChange Insurance Network offers immediate web traffic to their website which could take them months to build themselves. Plus, XChange Insurance Network can assist the agency with custom-designed websites of any size; e-commerce sites for transactional traffic; E-mail solutions for the smallest to largest insurance agency as well as a listing on the Network site that is unparalleled to any other marketing opportunity in the insurance industry.

Available in all 50 states, XChange Insurance Network website address is http://www.XChangeInsurance.com

The company initially started in 1995 as the Nashville Insurance XChange. Two years later, it became the Tennessee Insurance Xchange, and in 1998 it expanded into Georgia. Last year, the company opened a network site in Florida known as the Florida Insurance XChange.

According to the company, XChange Insurance Network was created in order to service the inquiries of insurance agents across the country needing Internet marketability. It added that the concept is similar to the tried and tested model used effectively in the real estate arena.

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