IIAA Expresses Condolences, IIAANY Coordinates Agent Community Response

September 11, 2001

The Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) released a statement expressing its heart-felt condolences to the victims and their families.

IIAA and the Independent Insurance Agents Association of New York (IIAANY) are working together to coordinate the agent community response to these horrific acts of alleged terrorism. In tandem, both associations are organizing the efforts of independent agents and other insurance professionals to respond to the needs of the individuals and businesses affected by today’s events in New York City.

IIAANY is encouraging its members and their clients to visit their local blood bank to donate blood at this critical time. IIAANY Executive Vice President Richard A. Poppa will be communicating with the New York Department of Insurance to organize industry resources that will be pressed into duty over the coming days and weeks.

Jointly, IIAA and IIAANY are establishing a victims’ recovery fund that will help victims and their families.

Following is a statement by IIAA CEO Robert A. Rusbuldt: “Today is a sad day in our country’s long and great history. This tragedy affects us all. We join together with all America to mourn and to resolve that these terrible acts will not bend the indomitable spirit of the American people.

“As a community, the insurance industry is deeply impacted by these barbaric acts. At least one IIAA member agency was housed in the World Trade Center buildings, as were several insurance companies. The insurance industry shares America’s loss and its resolve to overcome this day.

“Independent insurance agents and the entire industry will work together to help victims recover and to put their lives back in order. Insurance will play a huge role in the recovery of hundreds, if not thousands, of business affected in New York City and the hundreds of thousands of people impacted in New York, Washington, near Pittsburgh and nationally.

“While there are no immediate estimates of losses, insurance policies that will be called on to aid the recovery will include both personal and commercial lines coverages as well as life and health policies. Unfortunately, these policies cannot replace the tragic loss of life.”

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