NCCI CEO Resigns in Wake of Flag Ban Controversy

October 9, 2001

Bill Schrempf, president, CEO and board member of NCCI Holdings Inc., offered his resignation to NCCI’s board of directors on Oct. 5.

The move came in the aftermath of the company’s reversal of a ban on the display of American flags on employees’ desks in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. On Sept. 14, which was declared a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance by President Bush, an employee of the company was asked to remove a desktop flag. Following public outcry, NCCI retracted its decision on Sept. 17, and offered its workers American flags and red-white-and-blue lapel ribbons when they returned to work. Schrempf apologized to NCCI employees for not previously allowing them to display the flag.

According to a statement from Judith A. Blades, Chairwoman of NCCI’s Board of Directors, the search is on for a new CEO.

“We will look for a seasoned executive with strong working knowledge of the workers’ compensation insurance industry,” Blades stated. “We want an executive who will take full advantage of NCCI’s superb platform, perpetuate NCCI’s leading position in the industry, and increase the value of our services for our affiliates and regulators, while working to keep NCCI on track towards meeting our strategic and long-term business goals. The Board will move expeditiously but we will take the time needed to find the right person.”

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