NAMIC Comments on Leading Issue Trends Among Year’s New P/C Laws

December 3, 2001

New state laws concerning workers’ compensation, automobile insurance, financial and other regulatory requirements account for over half of the property/casualty-related insurance laws enacted by state legislatures this year, according to an annual survey of new state insurance laws recently released by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC).

“NAMIC has placed online 389 new property/casualty-related laws enacted this year in 43 states where the 2001 legislative session has ended,” said Roger Schmelzer, vice president-regulatory affairs.

Some very distinct issue trends emerge from among the many new state insurance laws enacted this year.

“Just over half (197) of the new laws impact workers’ comp, auto, financial and other regulatory requirements,” added Schmelzer. “Workers’ Compensation law changes alone account for 83 of these and include changes to benefit calculations, record-keeping and reporting requirements, the appeals process and a variety of other substantive and technical modifications.”

NAMIC’s survey identifies a number of other important patterns of new laws and law changes this year as well–including changes to the role of the state regulator, rules to protect and govern the transfer of structured settlements, a variety of laws related to surplus lines brokers, telephone sales solicitations and uniform commercial code changes related to secured transactions.

This is the third consecutive year NAMIC has released a year-end analysis of new state insurance law trends. NAMIC’s 2001 Survey of New State Insurance Laws is available as a featured link on NAMIC Online.

“Based on its consistent web traffic popularity over the past two years, we are excited to be able to announce the posting and availability of this year’s survey,” said Schmelzer. “This year’s report is more comprehensive and features a complete summary analysis of the major new law trends and separate state and issue specific listings with descriptions and hot links to the complete text of each new measure.”

“The individual issues underlying NAMIC’s 2001 National State Legislative Agenda also emerge as key trends among the new state laws,” Schmelzer added. “Nearly one-third of all the new laws reported in this survey pertain to the core issues of NAMIC’s 2001 National State Legislative Agenda, which include privacy, producer-licensing, electronic transactions, fraud, state building codes and traffic safety. This important finding clearly demonstrates the accuracy of the priority issues identified by our membership this year and also reflects NAMIC’s growing role as an effective advocate for important state legislative and regulatory issues.”

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