Attorney to Compare Toxic Mold Litigation with Decade-Old Asbestos Cases

March 22, 2002

The new wave of mold litigation cases may soon compare with the incendiary asbestos cases of the last decade, according to Peter J. Lynch, a trial attorney with Philadelphia-based Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen and Young representing insurers and contractors in toxic mold actions.

Lynch is scheduled to speak at an audio conference entitled “Toxic Mold: The Next Six Months” on March 27. The conference, sponsored by legal publishing house Andrew Publications, begins at noon eastern standard time. Participants can register online for the audio event at or call (877) 595-0449 for more information.

Lynch is co-author of an authoritative Mealey’s Publication article on toxic mold, “Mold: Serial Litigation Strikes Again,” with environmental engineer Kurt B. Martin.

The conference will be hosted by Lynch, a Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen and Young shareholder whose legal practice concentrates in the defense of toxic tort and professional negligence litigation; John McCarthy, president of Newton, Mass.-based Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc., a consulting firm that addresses mold and indoor quality issues; and John C. Miller, Jr., a founding partner of Charter, Miller, Davis, LLP of Sacramento, Calif. Miller recently obtained a $2.7 million jury verdict in a mold case involving personal injuries.

James A.A. Pabarue, a Christie Pabarue founder, sees the conference as further validation of the firm’s emerging national reputation. “Our firm is already a national leader in insurance and litigation matter,” said Pabarue in a released statement. “Peter is in the forefront of the next wave of serial litigation because of his expertise and experience in these issues.”

Lynch, noting increased media attention and spiraling jury awards associated with toxic mold, claims serial litigation is a “bet-the-company” problem for regulatory agencies, insurers, agents and builders across the nation. “Increased premiums are only part of the problem,” Lynch pointed out. “The real impact is yet to come.

“Insurers, builders, contractors and others will soon face legal hurdles brought by sophisticated and experienced litigation lawyers,” Lynch added. “We are simply advocating an equally sophisticated defense in such matters.”

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