ASPN Resource Fair Networks New Connections

By | May 6, 2002

Industry employees take advantage of ASPN’s Exhibit Hall to make new contacts.

Tucson—Don Gwizdalski, executive vice president for California-based Dodge, Warren & Peters, said he has a new perspective following the Aon Specialty Product Network (ASPN) Resource Fair 2002, which wrapped up in the Arizona desert this week.

“I didn’t realize how extensive the Network was,” Gwizdalski said. “To me, it is a giant source for regional and local agencies.”

Gwizdalski was one of nearly 200 insurance attendees who gathered new information at the exhibit hall, a number of insurance sessions, and just meeting the various company representatives.

“I think the number one concern of the independent agent is the financial stability of the markets,” Gwizdalski commented. “In California, there is concern over construction, workers’ comp, and other problems that are actually somewhat universal issues that are the same throughout the industry. I thought the format here was exceptional, and the event initiated a lot of relationships for me.”

Jeff Martins, representing Brown & Brown from the Seattle office, noted he was relatively new to the business.

“The chance to network here was very valuable,” Martins remarked. “There are a lot of issues we’re facing, and to be able to tap into the Network, is a great experience.”

Tom Ryan, Chairman of San Francisco-based ISU, said his goals in coming to the event were exceeded.

“ASPN provides important facilities for insurance brokers, and I thought the breakout sessions gave you a good understanding of how to access the Network,” Ryan said.

When asked if there is great concern among agents and brokers in today’s financial climate, Ryan said that he saw a lot of self-confidence in those that attended. “Companies realize that the agent is an indispensable portion of the transaction.”

Mike Rice, Chairman and CEO for Aon Services Group, said a number of issues are facing agents in today’s market place, but the availability of ASPN has clearly made an impact.

“I think capacity is the greatest challenge for the independent agent,” Rice commented. “There are a number of companies that wouldn’t exist without the efforts of the independent agent. One thing I think agents are looking at seriously is forming captives. We believe captives are a big part of our future and they will play an even more important role in the years to come.”

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