Fiserv FSC Releases CapFSC

June 11, 2002

Fiserv FSC, Inc. has introduced the newest version of CapFSC, an accurate and dependable competitive analysis tool for insurance companies and managing general agencies. CapFSC, a Windows based product that gives insurance professionals the opportunity to compare their rates against the competition in a particular territory with specific rating criteria, takes advantage of the speed and accuracy of the WinFSC rater to generate a competitive profile specifically designed by the user.

Some of the features of the initial CapFSC product include three simple data entry screens, a report generator, the ability to choose from a variety of output fields including premiums, limits, deductibles, fees, payments, symbols and territories. In addition, users can determine their market position using statistical tools such as; mean, min, max, median, and rank and output directly to Excel or to a database such as Access or SQL. All of the features give the user the ability to compare hundreds, or even thousands of quotes in a single pass.

The newest release of CapFSC includes several major enhancements that extend the functionality and make the system easier to use.

Some of the new features include, the ability to select a moving target for dollar and percent difference output calculations (combined with Rank, this feature will allow the user to easily answer the questions like; “When I am the lowest company, how many dollars am I leaving on the table?” “By how many dollars do I have to lower my premium to move up one slot?” and “How much does my premium differ from the average?”). In addition, there is a new company name search feature and, a “Show Selected Only” feature has been added to the Quotes and Companies tabs to assist you in identifying the items that you have selected. This is especially useful when working with a large volume of quotes or scrolling through CapFSC’s 700+ market selections.

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